Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Season

Children look extra adorable in costumes, so I've been looking forward to Halloween these last three years.

Whenever N has her hair in Double French Braids and a headband, which she often adds herself, 
DH call her "Poca" (short for Pocahontas). 

So this year it was his idea to add couple more components to her hairstyle,
and turn her into a real Pocahontas.

I gathered some feathers for her headband; added fringe to her shirt; and sewed a cute little tutu 
(gathering the tulle as recommended in this tutorial, LOVE the result!) with added fringe. 
Since it was a little chilly, I picked out this vest from the first week of PR&P
and was so happy it just fit into the whole outfit!

Initially, she was against painting on her face, but eventually she warmed up to the idea and let me draw a few lines on her cheeks.
She had a blast trick or treating in the Zoo!

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