Sunday, February 16, 2014

Compagnie-M Patterns Contest

I Love Sewing Contests.
They are inspiring, challenging and super motivating.

They push my imagination to new levels.

And... having a deadline helps to actually accomplish projects, 
instead of thinking and designing and redesigning over and over in my head.

Today I present you the combination of Louisa Dress and Mara Blouse patterns by Compagnie-M.

For the most part, I used the Louisa Dress Pattern (size 3 was a perfect fit for my 3 & 1/2 year old).
Obviously I wanted to keep the unique design aspect of the dress - pockets, however I thought that straps would really complement those pockets. 

So I replicated the front pocket design on the back and connected the two pockets with straps that have mini cap sleeve-like piece at the shoulders. 

For the bodice, I incorporated the yoke and long sleeve option from Mara Pattern. 

Instead of button placket on the front, I made a one piece yoke with some textile manipulation effects.

The contrasting fabrics and colors of the bodice and the skirt 
(top is tissue linen in natural color, and the skirts is a heavier weight linen in burgundy-purple color) 
make an illusion of a two-piece outfit instead of one dress.

I think it's a perfect look for a preschooler. 

Pockets are lined with very lightweight lavender polka dot satin-like fabric.
(Pockets on the back are also functional, though not very practical I imagine.)
Lace trim finishes are at the pockets, sleeve cuff and the yoke of course.

Straps are attached with beautiful rustic metal flower buttons.
I just love the rustic romantic feel linen always gives a garment and these buttons were the perfect match! 

When we took the dress out for a test-drive, it turned out the straps kept falling down. 

My first thought was I needed to tack those straps down at the shoulders. 
But after watching N run around with the straps hanging down, I kind of started to like the look. 

Maybe I'll have to think of a way to keep both options possible!

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