Thursday, September 12, 2013

Project Run & Play 2013: Season 7, Week 1

Challenge: Oliver + S Popover Dress Pattern Remix

Today is THE deadline and, of course, this is the day when I'm finally done with the outfit... I do still have to go through the photos and choose/edit/upload them... I started brainstorming ideas for this challenge weeks ago and thought I'd have everything done in advance, but having so much time turned out to be a curse...

After agonizing about million ideas that kept going through my mind, I created this ensemble. All three pieces are based on the Popover dress pattern. To me, the most memorable detail of this pattern is the simple yet beautiful yoke. So that's what I took and transformed this pattern into three distinct garments.

1. Gilet 

I've admired April Showers vests by Polder for long, and knew Popover Dress yoke would be a great pattern piece to achieve this look. I took a basic bodice and Popover dress yoke, overlapped them and made totally new pattern pieces. I followed Popover Dress pattern lines to create new armholes and the yoke. 

The rest I just improvised. I added batting in-between the main and lining fabrics and quilted the top part to accentuate the yoke, of course. 

I also quilted my daughter's initial N on the back. 

I added folded bias strips between the yoke and the bottom bodice. Finally, I added fluffy bows on the shoulders to mimic the Popover Dress strap ties. 

2. Tunic

I wanted a fall/winter tunic that could be worn by itself, with a shirt, with a cardigan and so forth, so here's what I came up with. Up until N tried it on this morning, I was still in doubts about every bit of this tunic (are the ruffles right? Is that collar too weird? Are those extended sides flattering?) 

When I saw it on my 3 year old, I fell in love.

In this garment, I simply widened the yoke and added shoulders/sleeves. For a little special detail, I created these extended sides on the bottom that hang and drape beautifully. I drafted a few different pieces for the collar and then played with them putting them in different combinations. This is what I settled on (it looks like origami , doesn't it?!)

The back has an invisible zipper for closure.

I'll make sure to save the final pattern I created based on (again) the Popover Dress  yoke piece and a basic bodice pattern.

3. Shorts

Yesterday, close to midnight, I thought I was done. But when I took another look at the outfit, I wasn't quite happy. The pinafore I had so excitedly designed, embroidered and sewed just didn't fit with the rest of the pieces. So I put it away. Luckily, a new idea popped into my mind; I realized I could use the same old yoke piece of Popover Dress to created the shorts! I've admired cute little bloomer shorts with button flaps at the front, and now I wanted to create one. So I did. 

 I started with a really nice shorts pattern by Burda Style (Kids 9491) and used the yoke piece (made it higher and skinnier, but left the lines untouched) to created this flap extension to the pockets. I added these military inspired beads instead of the buttons to make it a little more unexpected. I also changed up the stripes direction at the pockets for some interest. 

And that's it! I've not slept a minute last night, but this outfit is just so right for my daughter that I'm happy I kept following my instincts!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you have a blog, now. I have admired your photos in flickr from past PR&P seasons. Beautiful work and beautiful photos, as always!

    1. Oh, thank you so much!! I decided flickr didn't allow me to fully showcase the outfits, so this will now be a place for my PR&P submissions. :-)

  2. Cute! I love the vest. You certainly are ambitious, sewing three pieces!
    --Jill, from Jill Made It

  3. Those ruffle details and that hemline are to die for! Seriously amazing....

  4. Wowzers!!! I am in awe of all your detail!!! Great job!

  5. I do not even know the meaning of some terms here, but the outfit is amazing. At one glance, the vest is cute and simple, but the close-up details are impeccable! I love the quilt pattern on the front top and the N initial on the back. Puffed bow ties are just too cute!

    The collar ruffles alone would make the tunic so unique and beautiful, but the grey ruffles really do finish the look. The tunic is both dressy and practical! love it.

    And designing a pattern and sewing it in one night is just crazy to me - but having known your work and dedication, it is not surprising. Love the shorts, too :))

  6. So beautiful, Sopo! I love each piece, but especially the gilet! Really nicely done :-)

  7. I somehow missed this one when I was looking through. Wow I love it so much! Great job!

  8. Amazing outfit!!! I love the vest the most but the rest of the outfit is awesome too. I am in awe of your skill I must admit :)

    1. Thank you! The vest has proven to be such a useful item in N's wardrobe.

  9. So adorable!! Those shorts are the most darling things ever!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, it's getting a bit chilly for tiny shorts like these. I guess I'll have to make them in winter-y fabric some time soon!